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How to Start Your First Time Portable Treadmill Training

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How to Start Your First Time Portable Treadmill Training

How to Start Your First Time Portable Treadmill Training

  • Date:2017-06-07
  • Abstract:

    Portable Treadmill is great for burning calories and losing weight. It's important to use them in a safe and correct manner.

    The first thing you have to learn is the basic information, such as how to safely use it, and how the control panel works.

    If the belt and motor are the heart of the treadmill, the control panel is the brain. With its display and buttons, you can control the entire machine. You can start and stop, adjust speed and tilt, and monitor distance, heart rate and so on. Many treadmills also include cooling fans, sound systems and exercise programs. These things are also controlled from the control panel.

    I personally recommend three simple safety rules: 1. Always stand on the side bar when you press the start button! 2. If an accident occurs, press the big red button to stop the machine. 3. Wear safety clips at any time! If you lose balance and fall, the clip will fall off and stop the belt moving. If you follow these rules, the risk of injury will be greatly reduced.

    Starts with one foot on each side rail. Then you can select a manual program on the control panel so that you can select the tilt and speed. Because this might be the first time you've been on a treadmill, start with zero tilt and about 2 mph.

    The next step is to step on the moving belt. To do this, put your hands on the armrest and calmly place your first foot on the belt. Move your feet along the belt, and put your feet there at once.

    Once you feel comfortable and balanced, you can let go of the armrest. Swing your arms, just like you walk normally, try to stay at the center of the belt.

    Once you relax and want to start jogging, you can use buttons to speed up, or you can press stop, and then choose a suitable exercise program.

    The normal step of stopping is to press the stop button (not the emergency stop button) Or reduce the speed until the strap stops.