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Home Use Treadmill Precautions

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Home Use Treadmill Precautions

Home Use Treadmill Precautions

  • Date:2017-10-23
  • Abstract:

    In fact, treadmill is not as simple as people think, if used improperly, it will cause physical damage. Then we will talk about how to use of JADA Home Use Treadmill.

    1, Do not warm up

    You should do some warm-up activities before using the nbjada home use  treadmill, or it is easy to cause thighs, calf muscle strain. Pressure legs, squat, stretch muscles, flexion and extension joints can improve the temperature of the muscles, so that the muscles become more soft.

    When running on the treadmill you should go slowly, jogging and other "dynamic" warm-up began, and gradually increase the amount of exercise, this process is usually 10-15 minutes is appropriate. In addition, the treadmill should also gradually slow down the speed, so as to avoid a sense of vertigo and fall.

    2, The speed set too fast

    Use the treadmill to understand your movement first. If the physical can not keep up, set the speed and soon, it is easy to follow the rhythm of the situation, it is easy to fall, this is the "novice" often encounter problems.

    3, Excessive exercise

    The time of exercise on a treadmill depends on the purpose of exercise. Jogging half an hour will consume fat, more than 1 hour will consume protein. Therefore, if it is for the purpose of weight loss, exercise time should not be too short, it should not be too long, 40 minutes is appropriate, otherwise it is easy to physical overdraft, resulting in sports injuries.