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Home Treadmill Common Guide

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Home Treadmill Common Guide

Home Treadmill Common Guide

  • Date:2017-08-11
  • Abstract:

    A Home Use Treadmill use doesn’t have to be as powerful or as large as commercial treadmills that you’d find in a gym. When shopping for private or residential treadmills, keep in mind the following features when shopping.

    Size includes the size of the actual treadmill and the size of the deck. If you don’t have much space in your home then look for models that fold up for storage. Models with this folding mechanism should have a strong latch and, ideally, a slow drop release.

    The motor is the foundation of a treadmill. If the motor isn’t sufficient for your purposes you’ll be disappointed. Generally at-home treadmills range anywhere from 1.25hp to 3hp. It is important to make sure that this hp is measured as continuous and not peak. How much you weigh will have an effect on the horsepower you’ll need. As a general rule a person under 90kgs that wants to walk and do light jogging should get a treadmill with at least 1.5hp (continuous). If you weigh more or intend to jog, run or sprint, look for a treadmill in the 2hp to 3hp range.

    The deck of the treadmill should have some sort of shock absorption system in place to protect your joints from wear and tear. The preferred systems allows for more absorption at the front where your foot strikes the deck and a firmer cushioning at the rear where you push off from the deck. If the whole deck seems overly soft this could cause knee injuries.

    Display screen of your treadmill so make sure it is a high quality one. Digital screens with some type of backlighting system make reading the screen easier. The computer system itself should be easy to navigate.Other electronic features that are useful for treadmills include a heart rate monitors, tracking systems for calories burned, ID codes for multiple users, etc. Some treadmills also have built in fans to keep you cool and ports to plug in MP3 devices so you can listen to music.