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Benefits of Treadmill Factory Exercise

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Benefits of Treadmill Factory Exercise

Benefits of Treadmill Factory Exercise

  • Date:2017-07-28
  • Abstract:

    1) first force training, you can consume most of the glycogen reserves, when you start aerobic exercise, the fat can soon be mobilized, the efficiency of burning fat increased Treadmill Factory;

    2) strength training because of glycolysis for energy, resulting in a lot of lactic acid, lactic acid accumulation not only affects the athletic ability also delayed the recovery of the body after exercise, and strength training and then aerobic exercise can be lactic acid by pyruvate Into the tricarboxylic acid cycle completely oxidized, to avoid the accumulation of lactic acid;

    3) strength training can promote the body of adrenal hormones, norepinephrine and other catecholamine hormones and growth hormone and other lipolytic hormone secretion increased, is conducive to fat mobilization and decomposition;

    4) strength training can also increase muscle repair and synthesis, the body contains more thin tissue is the basis of metabolic rate is high, the more energy consumption, the more conducive to increase fat burning.

    Does the fitness long run need to replenish electrolyte?

    You might say that long runs do not consume glycogen and electrolytes? Yes, we only consume a considerable amount of glycogen to burn fat to lose weight, when the movement of blood glucose concentration decreased, the body will start by the fat and amino acid gluconeogenesis to maintain the stability of blood glucose concentration. If you feel dizzy and so on in the movement of hypoglycemia symptoms, is a small amount of glucose can be added and timely reduce the exercise intensity. If there is no hypoglycemia, basically no sugar is added. This can make the effect of aerobic exercise more significant. Similarly, a long time aerobic exercise, a lot of sweat, the electrolyte will be lost with the sweat, mainly sodium, followed by potassium, but the usual lack of fitness is not much, and modern people's diet heavy oil Salt, so it should not be added sodium, on the contrary but to reduce salt intake.