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Three thing to buy a China Treadmill to get noticed

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Three thing to buy a China Treadmill to get noticed

Three thing to buy a China Treadmill to get noticed

  • Date:2017-07-26
  • Abstract:

    Treadmill shockproof effect: in the running process, when the single foot and running with an instant contact, the pressure is greater, the impact is also great. If there is no reasonable shock absorption design, it will be on the human body joints, bones and brains have an impact. Long-term use, resulting in a certain degree of sports injuries. Depending on the age and physical condition of the user, the requirements for effective vibration reduction are different. Good treadmill in the design requirements of vibration, the requirements of the running board damping effect, should be able to achieve 40% of the sand effect. Will be able to effectively protect your joints, bones and brains from shock.

    Stability is another focus of the choice, such as the use of steel specifications is strong enough, structural support should be welded together, rather than the use of bolts, handle pillars can easily shake, there is folding feel, Its weight that its material is good or bad, good treadmill thick and smooth. In addition, the quality of the machine shell machine can also see the surface is generally divided into paint and paint, and paint a single single and a single spray and double spray double roasted, its brightness and smooth degree of an increase, of course, the degree of oxidation is the case The

    Treadmill function, and now the market are basically equipped with electric treadmill heart rate, display speed, mileage, kilometers, consumption of calories and other functions. In addition, there is no other function of the treadmill is a single function treadmill, such models are designed to lose weight, burn your excess fat and carbohydrates, promote blood circulation, enhance heart and lung function; multi-functional China Treadmill refers to A single running function has increased, such as: massage, twisted waist, sit-ups and other functions, such models can let you run before and after the warm-up and relaxation effect, more suitable for office workers and old age.