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7 Things have to Know About China Treadmill

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7 Things have to Know About China Treadmill

7 Things have to Know About China Treadmill

  • Date:2017-07-21
  • Abstract:

    Warm-up activities can improve the temperature of the muscles, so that the muscles become soft and easy to hurt. After the China Treadmill should first go slowly, jogging, continue to "dynamic" warm-up, and gradually speed up the process, this process usually takes 10-15 minutes. Stop running should also gradually slow down, so as to avoid dizziness.

    In the treadmill on the movement of time, strength, methods, etc., according to the purpose of sports. Running the body when the energy consumption is in accordance with the sugar - fat - protein sequence, jogging more than 30 minutes will consume fat, more than 60 minutes began to consume protein.

    Running not only the movement of the legs, arms swing not only to coordinate and maintain the body balance, but also allow the upper body is also involved in energy consumption, while abdomen chest, tighten the back muscles.

    Some people at home barefoot or only wear socks running, so treadmill shock will knee, ankle and other joints caused unnecessary damage, soles of the feet sweating is also easy to slip. Socks without sports soles of elasticity, can not replace sneakers. Best to wear jogging shoes.

    Running is a very boring thing, a lot of people in the treadmill above the machine or the installation of television, so many people in the running is not up his head is bow, long-term will bring counterproductive health damage.

    Some people will run with very dull sound, this is the foot directly hit the sound on the running belt. The correct approach is the forefoot to the ground, the use of the elastic force of the arch to reduce the treadmill reaction to the human body!

    Increasing the treadmill's slope and speed increases exercise intensity. In the elderly when running high slope will increase the damage to the knee, so it is best to exercise in the horizontal state. Run can consume more sugar, but less fat consumption, simple run is not conducive to weight loss for the purpose of the movement.