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6 Tricks for Using Portable Treadmill Correctly

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6 Tricks for Using Portable Treadmill Correctly

6 Tricks for Using Portable Treadmill Correctly

  • Date:2017-06-16
  • Abstract:

    1.Warm up.

    Before running on the treadmill, warm-up, otherwise it is easy to cause muscle strain. Leg pressing, squat, muscles stretch, joint flexion can improve muscle temperature, so that the muscles become more soft. On the Portable Treadmill walking, jogging and so on from the "dynamic" warm start, gradually increase the amount of exercise, this process usually takes 10~15 minutes. In addition, gradually slow down, so as not to appear dizzy and fall.

    2.Do not set too fast.

    The first thing you need to know is your limit. If you can't keep up the pace while set the pace so so quick, you'll fall down easily.

    3.The amount of exercise should be appropriate

    The time and intensity of the movement on the treadmill depends on the purpose. If it is to lose weight, exercise time should not be too short, either too long, 40 minutes is appropriate, otherwise it is easy to physically overdrawn.

    4. Tighten the abdomen and chest, waist and back muscles.

    Jogging is aerobic exercise, if the back running, or has been leaning on the handle, not only to the effect of exercise, but also increase the pressure on the lumbar spine, a long time will cause lumbar muscle strain. Therefore, we must tighten the abdomen and chest, waist and back muscle exercise on the treadmill.

    5. Concentrate on.

    A lot of friends like to watch TV when they run, which distracts you and gets hurt accidentally, especially those who are not familiar with the treadmill or exercise. If it's boring, you can listen to some light music while running. Studies have shown that rhythmic music can effectively improve the movement and increase the fun of sports.

    6.Always wear the shoes even on home treadmill.

    If the treadmill running barefoot, vibrations will cause unnecessary damage to the leg joints, to make it easier to slip. Wear a pair of thick socks can play a damping effect. It is best to wear jogging shoes than ordinary shoes, the soles shall be soft, suitable for running on the treadmill. If not, ordinary sports shoes can also work.