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3 Tips To Consider When Purchasing a New Portable Treadmill

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3 Tips To Consider When Purchasing a New Portable Treadmill

3 Tips To Consider When Purchasing a New Portable Treadmill

  • Date:2017-08-09
  • Abstract:

    Walking into a fitness store can be an overwhelming event. There’s typically a wide variety of equipment to view and consider buying for your home. Buying a treadmill? You'll want a checklist of all the things you should consider before investing in a home treadmill. But it doesn’t have to be a fearful experience. Armed with some sound advice, you can find the perfect treadmill to bring home and enjoy for years to come. Knowing a little in advance what you may be looking for will help your specialty fitness retailer provide suggestions on the treadmill for you. Here are some tips to consider when purchasing a new Portable Treadmill.

    Key Treadmill Features to Consider:

    1. Frame size and weight:

    Even folding treadmills can take up a significant amount of space, especially while they are being used. Basically, bigger heavier treadmills can handle more work and are more comfortable. Exercisers should remember that they need to leave space all around their treadmill so that there is less chance of injury if they fall off of the machine. Most treadmills are not easy to move, so it is very important to consider where the machine will be placed in the home before purchasing it. It is also a good idea to keep the treadmill away from children and pets because they can be easily injured by the machine.

    2. Quality:

    Some treadmills are designed first to be inexpensive. Others are designed to stand the test of time and daily use for hours at a time. A simple way to tell what the manufacturer intends, is to look at the overall warranty. There are a few parts that are quite durable and the maniufacturer can warranty these items for a long time without much risk. For instance, the frame and motor, often carry very long warranties, up to and including “Lifetime.” Conversely, the parts that are most susceptible to problems and have the highest repair costs typically have the shorter warranty coverage. These items, referred to as “Parts” consist of items such as computer, belt, deck, rollers and other wear components. In less expensive treadmills, these parts are typically covered for 90 days or less. With higher quality machines, typically found in specialty fitness stores, the parts are covered for 5 or even 10 years of ownership. A look at a brand’s warranty coverage is a good indicator on the value of that particular product.


    Buying a treadmill online is often less expensive than making the purchase in store, but anyone who is buying a treadmill should test the machine in a store before making the purchase. It is very difficult to picture exactly how the treadmill will fit the exerciser’s body by reading the dimensions. Price is an important consideration, and so is the warranty period. Everyone should do thoroughly research to make sure they are getting the best possible treadmill for their body and lifestyle for the least amount of money.

    Buy from a dealership/salesperson that you can come back to for support and questions after the sale. Although a treadmill purchase can be a pricey endeavor, remember that it is still a mechanical item with many moving parts that must work in unison. And even the very best quality exercise equipment has the potential need for support and service.